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This GLH Turbo was my first car and still remains my favorite car. I purchased it from my parents back in 1995, who bought it new. The history was easy to come by. It had around 85000 miles when I got it and was in very good condition. It spent most of its life autocrossing and hillclimbing, so being driven hard was nothing new for it.

Modifications at purchase (1986-1995):
Koni adjustable Struts/Shocks
K&N Drop in filter/Shocks
Dynomax Super Turbo muffler
Turbo Technologies boost bleed (to 14 PSI)
GLHS Steering wheel (purchased new)
Shelby valve cover (purchased new)
Enkei black five spokes
Blackout treatment

My modifications (1995-2000):
MP Computer
MP autocross springs
V6 Minivan fuel pump

Recent modifications (2001):
Port matched manifolds
Ported/polished head
Forward Motion FM475 cam
MP backcut valves
MP valve springs

Latest update:
After recent top end rebuild and head gasket change, I discovered that the bottom end is ten times worse than I thought. Needless to say, I need to rebuild the bottom end as well... So the car is parked again. :(

My spare low-miles block is currently being refurbished and is underway. Teardown and assembly planned in two weeks.

- Page 1 - GLH Turbo -
Page 2 : 90 Omni GLH clone

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