L-body Repair and Upkeep

The scope of this page is to collect (and point to) all the info available on the web for repairing our beloved L-body cars. Quite a tall order, but we're gonna do the best we can. We will also incorporate our own information--things which Team Omni members have learned or discovered through their own experiences--and store this info locally. If we know how to fix it or make it more reliable, you'll see it here.

Local information

Here is one great tidbit for turbo L-body owners. Ever had to try and reroute all the vacuum lines to the solenoid pack on the passenger strut tower? It can be intimidating. Here is a simple ASCII schematic to guide you along:

Installing a new timing belt? Never done this before? Take a close look at this detailed diagram which illustrates proper belt alignment.

Need help troubleshooting your L-body engine problems? Ask the computer to tell you what's wrong! Accessing your fault codes is a quick and easy process.

The Shelby versions of our cars have very potent brakes from the factory. Still, there are some people who must have more. If you're one of those kinds of people (and we know you are), you'll love this info on the famous SLH brake packages. Your car already Goes Like Hell, don't you think it should Stop Like Hell as well?

Ever thought about adding a hood scoop to your Omni? It's not as hard as you might think. Find out more.

Links to other web resources

Thought about doing a heim joint conversion to your rod-shifted L-body? Read some more info about it. (Notice: Dead link, will try to fix.)

Want to upgrade your TurboI L-body to TurboII status? Read all about it!

Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central has some great info for carbureted L-bodys. (Notice: Dead link, will try to fix.)

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