Team Omni Mailing List

We're glad to know of your interest in joining Team Omni. A car club cannot function without a body of members, nor can a mailing list. We're anxious for you to climb aboard. Because Team Omni is an internet-based group, our "club headquarters" is located in cyberspace. This makes it very simple to join our club. But before you do, we ask that you read the following rules and guidelines. We intend for the Team Omni Mailing List (TOML) to be a positive resource for friendly assistance with all questions, problems, and ideas related to L-body cars. When all list members abide by the policies listed below, the TOML will run smoothly and be of maximum benefit for all participants.

RULE #1: Do not send junkmail or spam to the list. These sorts of messages would include jokes, stories, email beta tests ("send this to all your friends and Bill Gates/Walt Disney/Regis Philbin/etc will pay you" crap), virus warnings, and so on. If you try to merely circumvent majordomo and send it privately to each list member, you are still in violation of this rule. This is our most serious list rule. Since there is no such thing as "accidental" spam, no warnings will be issued; one strike and you're out.

First violation of rule #1: Permanent suspension from TOML

RULE #2: There will be absolutely no flaming or namecalling on this mailing list (what you do in private email is, of course, up to you). You can certainly disagree with the opinion of another person, but if you even call someone "stupid" in a post to the list you will be in violation of this rule and will be given a 5 day probation. We are very serious about this rule; no warnings will be issued.

RULE #3: Do not send any attachments or pictures to the mailing list. Period. If there is something you want others to see, feel free to tell everyone that you have it and can send it to all interested parties. Then when list members write to you privately and request it, send it to them directly. (Another idea is to put the picture on your webpage and send the URL to the list.) No warnings will be issued for this offense, either.

First violation of rule #2 or #3: 5-day suspension from TOML
Second violation of rule #2 or #3: Indefinite expulsion from TOML

RULE #4: All messages posted to the list will follow our focus, namely restoration and performance enhancement of L-body cars. These discussions will be centered solely upon L-body cars; other vehicles should not be mentioned at any time (except for comparison/reference, if necessary and relevant to the topic at hand). There are many other internet email resources for general front wheel drive Chrysler vehicles; these other avenues should be used for all questions and topics not explicitly related to the L-body platform. Also, do not use this mailing list to promote any webpage or business unless it specifically caters to L-body cars.

RULE #5: Do not post a message to this list in order to find someone's E-mail address that you lost. If you need to contact someone, send a message to one of the list administrators. They have access to every E-mail address on the membership list. Also, do not use the mailing list as a place to send test messages. If you need to verify your membership, contact a list administrator via private email.

RULE #6: If you want to post a message that mentions you are selling something or looking to buy something, make it a separate message. If you are selling something, the subject should begin with "FOR SALE" or "FS" followed by a description of what you are selling. If you want to buy something, the subject should begin with "WANTED" or "WTB". Ads are acceptable for Team Omni if they refer to L-bodies or else parts which can be installed on an L-body; other vehicles for sale should not be mentioned on this list. Do not send a reply to a "FOR SALE" or "WANTED" message to the entire list; reply only to the original author of the post. If you need to make a comment that you feel is of interest to others, create a new post with an appropriate subject line.

RULE #7: Do not crosspost. Crossposting is the act of sending the same message to multiple mailing lists at the same time--if you only press 'send' once but two or more lists receive your message, it's a crosspost. For any given message you wish to send, decide which one forum is the most appropriate and only post it to that mailing list. If you feel that you absolutely must send a message to multiple lists, send it to TOML and then resend the same message seperately to the other list(s).

First violation of rules #4-#7: written (email) warning
Second violation of rules #4-#7: 5-day suspension from TOML
Third violation of rules #4-#7: Indefinite expulsion from TOML

GUIDELINE #1: This is a mailing list, not a chat room. When you reply to a post, very carefully consider if your message should go to the entire list or only to the original author. If you are in doubt, send it only to the author. Personal replies should never go to the whole list unless you are certain that your remarks will GREATLY interest the rest of the group. On a similar note, do not reply to a message unless you are adding something of value to the thread (i.e. don't respond with nothing other than "ditto" or "me too"). In other words, do not send a reply unless it furthers the discussion and will be of interest to others.

GUIDELINE #2: When replying to a post, trim the original message as much as possible and quote ONLY the relevant part(s). Be sure to delete all footers and .sigs. Trust us--it is much easier to read replies when you don't have to wade through five screenfuls of nonrelevant text.

GUIDELINE #3: Use appropriate subject lines at all times. Some list members have to sort out 200+ email messages every day. Always carefully choose a subject that describes the message that you are posting. If you reply to a message and want to continue the same topic, do not change the subject other than putting a single "RE:" in front of it. If your response has nothing to do with the original subject line, change the subject of your reply to something appropriate. Also, if you are replying to a reply, make sure that you do not put another "RE:" tag on the message. This way we do not get a subject line that turns into "RE: Re: RE: GLH Turbo -Reply -Reply".

Join Team Omni

Once you have read these rules and guidelines and are willing to abide by them, surf on over to the Team Omni subscription page and follow the instructions. No worries--it's a simple, automated process. You will get an automatic email welcome message once you've been added so you will be aware once you are on the list.

By requesting Team Omni membership, you indicate you have read the above rules and agree to abide by them.

The moderators of the Team Omni mailing list are:

If you have questions pertaining to the mailing list itself (subscription difficulties, disciplinary inquiries, etc) please send mail directly to one of these moderators, not to the list. Notifying just one moderator is sufficient; please allow reasonable response time.

Last modified: 9-19-06.