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Technical tidbits

Jeff Barnett wrote a page detailing installing an A-555 into an L-body. Check it out.

Thought about doing a heim joint conversion to your rod-shifted L-body? Read some more info about it.

Dream of upgrading your TurboI L-body to TurboII status? Check out some important tips on the procedure.

Alldata's list of recalls and TSBs for the Omni.

Edgar Lucas digitized the entire tech article on the Super60 package.

General & miscellaneous pages

Mayhem Racing goes SCCA Pro Rally racing in L-body cars. Cool, eh?

You can also drag race L-body cars... like Angelo Taylor does.

The Charger / Turismo page from Chrysler Central. The info isn't quite accurate at times, but there are some pictures of older two-door L-bodies.

The Omni page from Chrysler Central, with some info on the two-door L-bodies. Again, not everything is totally accurate.

Rampage & Scamp pages

Steven Graeter's Dodge Rampage/Plymouth Scamp Web Resource is one man's mission to assist all owners of these little trucks. If you have one, you ought to visit this site.

Want your Rampage 2.2 to go faster? You can always upgrade its engine to a turbo. Still not fast enough? Then add a second turbo engine out back!

Shelby Charger pages

Jeff Barnett's 1984 and 1985 Shelby Chargers.

Matt Green's Shelbyland featuring Ethel and Junior, a pair of Shelby Chargers.

A Shelby Charger page featuring interesting artwork and technical information

Tom Fisk's Shelby Charger page - he races in Solo II.

Tony's Shelby Charger page.

GLH pages

Temple of the L-Body page with good information and Project 300/12 (Omni GLH Turbo buildup).

Jim Ptak's home page, which links to info on a couple GLH cars.

GLHS pages

See a scanned copy of the 1986 GLHS supplemental service manual.

The S-Files - Jeff Barnett's GLHS pages featuring #845 and other GLH-S resources on the web.

The Omlet - 86 GLHS #377

Chris Rappe's Shelby Service Center with info on 1986 GLHS #140, pictures, an 86 GLHS registry, and more.

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