What is an L-body?

"L-body cars" is the general term that refers to Chrysler's small car family which was built on the L platform. First introduced in 1978 as a 4-door hatchback, the family also included a two-door hatch (introduced in 1979) and also a two-door mini pickup (introduced in 1982). The exact model names for all these vehicles are presented below; models on the same line are badge twins.

Dodge modelPlymouth modelYear(s) offered
Omni (4-dr)Horizon (4-dr)1978-1990
Omni 024 (2-dr)Horizon TC3 (2-dr)1979-1982
Charger (2-dr)Turismo (2-dr)1983-1987
Charger 2.2 (2-dr)Turismo 2.2 (2-dr)1981-1986
Rampage (truck)Scamp (truck)1982-1984
Rampage 2.2 (truck)Scamp GT (truck)1982-1984
Shelby Charger (2-dr)-1983.5-1987
Omni GLH (4-dr)-1984-1986

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