Focus / Automotive Links:

Forums/Focus Info:

FocalJet - The Ford Focus Enthusiasts Site: Awesome place to go!

Vendor Pages:

Ford Racing: Factory Focus upgrades.

British American Transfer (BAT) Inc.: Specializing in euro Ford parts.

FocusSport: Focus upgrades.. (I got the 5hp plate frame!)

Focus Tuning: More Focus upgrades!

Focus Performance: ..and more!

NewEdge Performance: and even more!

Club Pages:

San Francisco Region SCCA: My weekend fun providers in the Bay area.

Emerald Empire Sports Car Club: My hometown club specializing in autocrossing.

Siskiyou Sports Car Club: Runs a fun series of autocrosses on a go-cart track.

Sports Car Club of America: The big kahunas of club racing. SCCA: SCCA Solo II Rules & Regs

Oregon Region SCCA Solo II: The local band of crazy SCCA yahoos. :)