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Car News:

1/15/06 : Took car to dyno day in current state of tune, very pleased with 176.2hp/145.9tq. More tuning should yeild even more power in the future.

12/29/05 : Created this page.

12/25/05 : Attempted first tune with ProRacer package... car is running slightly rich, but learned how to configure rev, launch, and speed limiters, as well as disabled all torque retards. A Duratec at 7100RPM is good stuff.

12/24/05: Installed custom KW suspension. Thanks to Nikolas of Draxas for the help getting the suspension here.

So Why the FSP Focus? Why not?

I guess this all started when the Cobra Mustang was no longer a serious contender for Nationals, and we were looking for a new racecar.

Bonnie was very serious about the 95+ model BMW M3 for BS. With the S2000 and Boxter out of BS, it looked like it could be competitive again. So, it was onto the Internet to try and find one. We needed one without a sunroof, and preferably with cloth seats, as those options made it too heavy and uncompetitive. Our good friends, Cheryl and Bill Baugh have the perfect one, but wouldn’t part with it, even though we did a considerable amount of begging, pleading, praying, etc.

We had talked about a Focus, having been interested in them since Lorin bought his 2000 Zetec ZX3. We have ourselves owned a 2002 SVT that we love. Lorin had mentioned making a PZEV into an FSP car. Anyway, on the way to the Atwater National Tour, we made the decision to go for it. We told Lorin of our decision, and as he had dreamed of this project he had a list of modifications that he had already considered.

Well, first we needed the car, so it was back to the Internet for Bonnie. (She loves shopping for cars on the Internet) We wanted a 2.3 PZEV ZX3 that was light on options, but hopefully had ABS. Most of the 2.3 PZEVs are in California, as they were made for that market. Bonnie started making a list of hopeful candidates, and all the good deals were pretty much all in SoCal. (It figures, Lorin lives in NorCal) So, one weekend in June we sent him south to check out the candidates. Several he discovered reclaimed titles, missing airbags, or other “defects”. Out of them all, he found a couple of possibilities, the first in LA was very nice but had a few options that we couldn’t use and made it more expensive, and the second was a red creampuff in San Diego that we decided was the car. The price was right, and it was well taken care of.

We made the decision to go for it. So we made the deal and flew to San Diego the next weekend to exchange the check for the car. We drove it home, and decided we had made the right choice.

The needed modifications were many, so we had to decide what to do first. The biggest modification would be the transmission, as we had decided to upgrade it to a 2005 spec for the 3.82:1 final drive. At the same time, a much needed Torsen would be installed.

Not wanting to pull the tranny twice, we ordered the Cosworth clutch kit and flywheel. Pretty, but like the torsen, soon to be out of sight forever. When Lorin came up on the 15th of July and we pulled the tranny out of the car.

Saturday night of 16th , all of us (Bonnie, Lorin, Myself and Sean) all crowded around the laptop and started ordering parts. What a hoot. There was the Cosworth intake manifold, the Cosworth Header, and the Cosworth CAI. Next there was the Steeda Short shifter, the H&R sway bays, the Trubendz exhaust, etc. etc. When we were done there was about 6K damage on the credit card.

The tranny was sent to Terry at Haines Motor Sports to install the Torsen and upgrade the Tranny to ’05 specs, including a new final drive and first gear. While the tranny was out I installed most of the Cossie engine parts. It is much easier (but not easy by any means) to install the manifold and header while the engine is movable. The Cossie intake manifold is a pain to install. On Labor Day weekend we installed the tranny and got the car running again. Since then, everything else has been piles of little details!

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